Dancing with life

Met onze Dhamma verdiepingsgroep lezen we een boek getiteld ‘Dancing with life’ van Philip Moffit. Daarin kwam ik onderstaand stuk tegen, wat zo mooi raakt aan wat we met mindfulness leren. Hoe 'dans jij met het leven'?

'Even under the best circumstances, life is challenging, and much of the time it is difficult. It is always uncertain, constantly changing, and mostly out of your control. Whether it is taking you on a wonderful ride or stepping on your toes, life will move you with the rhythm and in the direction of its own unfolding, irregardless of your best intentions. Life dances and you must dance with it. This is the necessary price of being alive in a body.

If life is going to dance with you, then what kind of dance partner do you wish to be? Can you have a conscious, peaceful relationship with your own life’s dance as characterized by a sense of ease, empowerment, end meaning? Certainly it is possible to affect the course of your life. Hard work, discipline, and self-development enable you to be a better partner when life comes to dance, but finding a way to be at ease with the dance itself is a crucial skill in finding freedom and meaning in life.'

Uit: Dancing with life – Philip Moffit, pXXV


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